Thursday, November 18, 2010


In the world of finance-where that world is well never know- the best investment that one can make is a house. Houses are useful for plenty of things like eating, sleeping, playing, storing, building and the list goes on. It would make sense then that all houses of similar sizes would be the same price across the nation right? Wrong. To explain this mystery we welcome our guest:appreciation. The ability for something to become more valuable by just sitting there. Lazy money I would say. Reasons for homes to appreciate deal a lot with how valuable the property becomes to the market(you and me). This value has a lot to do with perception and little to do with mathematics.
When someone says "I feel appreciated" they are stating that you made them feel of value. Of course everyone is of infinite worth (see "strait shooter" post) but their "cool factor" is often based on the perception of others. If only WE could be the ones to decide how cool we really are.
Katie did an exceptional job at making me feel appreciated. Although the activities that we did catered to my interests, they were the "cherry on top" for her too. Tying bow ties, entertainment system demonstrations, ice cream pit stops, and bocci balls smeared in glow stick juice. I could do no wrong in her view. What I had to say and wanted to do was never uninteresting or embarrassing. She spoke about her family and what she admired about them which appreciated them in my eyes. She appreciates all types of music and never turns ones away because it could be "weird".
It truly takes a wonderful person to find the value in others. Thank you so much for your time katie. Youll never be accused of being that mother whose children yell "you dont appreciate me!"

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