Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One in a million dining experience

French poodle skirts with plush red booths. Slick haired johnnies "cutting up the rug" on the checkered dance floor to the blaring jukebox. Heaping hamburgers with crispy onion rings topped with cheese. Fresh banana splits with everything and the cherry on top. A slice of the musical "Grease" served every half hour--Ed Debevic's, the one in a million dinning experience.
Unfortunately the closest Ed Debevics is in Chicago ruling out of the options for Rachel and I. However, the date did take place on Turkey Day morning which would be the day that most houses turn into restaurants, feeding dozens of family and friends. If only those cooking would sing and dance, then Ed Debevics would be on the endangered restaurant list.
Rachel you see is a lot like Ed Debevics, exceptionally fun. (Dont worry Ill expound rather than leave it to a three letter word, ironically Rachel prefers some three letter words:) Conversation with Rachel is one of the most complete ab work outs with all the laughing that goes into it. With Rachel she can be perfectly at ease in a tense situation. Explanation: We decided to ride bikes along the beach that morning. Holiday mornings are a great time for biker bobs to storm the paths as well. While riding along, we'd hear a menacing "Coming up on your left!" Move it or lose it is what comes to mind when you do a little reading between the lines. Rachel never took a swing at them, making them careen off into the sand, or was even phased by this. She's definitely has got one up on me. Rachel even leads a secret life, I mean is that not the role model for fun!?
If Rachel were a dining experience, it would definitely be one in a million. No doubt about it, laughter is pretty much delicious for anyones attitude. Rachel, thanks so much for your time spent with me, especially on such an important holiday to the restaurant business:) Please sign me up for some more o dat fun.

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