Friday, April 15, 2011

Intrapersonal mangos

Mangos topped with coconut rice, pumpkin, and syrup. This was the dessert that we had at the local thai food kitchen. Adrianne had publicly declared that she craved a certain Thai soup. Thankfully I have no relation to Tom Cruise, cuz this was mission possible. Anne was the helpful woman with a thick as curry accent. As I hung from the ceiling dangling by a cord, I spotted on the menu the soup that Adrianne had mentioned. As I packed up all my spy gear to leave, Anne commented that I was one of the best examples of a boyfriend, with the research I was doing. I just went along with it not to ruin Anne’s evening.

Duty called and before I was to pick up Adrianne, a home teachee of mine called for a blessing. After this wonderful experience I was left with no time to change back into my non prom attire, bowtie and all of course. As I forewarned Adrianne of the sitch, she conveyed to me that her brother-in-law asked if I would be able to assist in giving her older sister a blessing. That was a first for me on a date and I hope never to be a last.

Anne was so disappointed to hear that all we wanted was dessert. I fear that breaking her huge thai heart was not the most attractive thing for me to do, but isnt assertiveness also attractive?

Thai dessert + adriannes company = delirium of delight

Simplicity is king, especially when your dealing with exceptional people like Adrianne.

Translation: a turn around the block.

Conversation came easily throughout the evening.Like Jimmy Stewart, Adrianne too leads a wonderful life. On her list of whom she admires her parents are definitely contenders for the top spots followed in suit by more than half a dozen siblings. Cramming a mission and 3 months serving in a Nepal orphanage between her bachelors and a masters degrees have afforded her the fullest of lessons life has to offer.

Well, i’ll slip into my captain obvious suit as I start into my observation of the exceptional in Adrianne. Her sense of humor is definitely one, bedazzled with wonderfully pithy puns. Another flair for discovery of new places and people. However, my opinion is that there is a quality of hers that eclipses all the others -- her sense of self. Educational guru Howard Gardener slapped the label of intrapersonal (different from interpersonal) intelligence on this one. Amongst a slew of other things, people like Adrianne are intuitive and have an uncanny ability to decipher and articulate their reaction to just about well...everything worthwhile. (Turns out this makes for a great lawyer, great choice on the LSAT)

Merci Beaucoup for you time Adrianne!

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