Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finish Line!

Amanda, aside from being exceptional was also the 16th girl thus completing the original goal of going on 16 dates. Please dont read back too far because then youll also find that the original time frame ended 3 months ago, but good things take time.
In order to apply to any of the disciplines within the school of communications it was required that a journalism class be taken. If you havent been able to tell already, writing would be on the top 5 of my enjoy list and so naturally I thought, "Wonderful! a class after my own heart."
The second week revealed that the writing I did and the writing required in journalism would not be considered two peas in a pod. Plant my words and flowers will grow because that is what they are:flowery. Plant journalistic writing and what do you get? Nothing, simply because these are the cold hard facts. To write journalistically, the who, what, where, when and how must be identified. Then the journalist must assert what is most news worthy and write their piece accordingly. This is a talent that I dont have.
Amanda would make a smashing reporter. She is exceptionally assertive. It isnt that this was the lot she was delt in life, but is something that she enjoys doing. Not that she looks for them or creates them, but when she finds herself with a dilemma or problem identifying the immediate factors and making a decision comes instinctively. Example: being the one to ask Amanda out, I naturally pay for what I plan to do. Well I did my research and when we got there the prices were something different. A dollar more than I had in cash to be exact. Sheepishly I told Amanda id go find an atm lickity split. To this she said "no, Ive got it." Later on in the evening she told me that in that situation she had run through the possible options to my thoughtlessness and her covering it would have been the best option. She has a BMW for a brain, the ultimate thinking machine. And the list goes on...
Amanda thank you much for your time and dollar:) I owe you a lot more than that in the perspective you gave me.


To everyone that is reading: gratitude fills my...well I hope it would be my blog. All of these posts are getting oftly lonely with all those comment boxes empty. The reason to have one of these fancy dancy blogs is so that I could get some o dat interaction.
Now that Ive completed the original goal, I need to set another one. I promise I didnt procrastinate so that this would happen right around the new year. So lay your comments on me! I like them just like my peanut butter on my pbj's...nice and thick!

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Kents said...

I'm here reading your blog at 12am, fearful that anything I type may not come out right. I hope this has been a good experience for you. Maybe we can chat about it next time I see you.